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Payroll services for employers of nannies in the UK

Finally! Now there's an easy way to pay your nanny

Avoid the potential nightmare of battling through forms and calculations, paying the wrong tax, getting fined £100 per month for late returns; dealing with the taxman etc.

We are a specialist nanny payroll service that has helped thousands of parents like yourself through this minefield.

Our service is the best way to ensure compliance, while saving you time, money and simplifying your payroll process.

We have earned the trust of nanny placement agencies nationwide, and that's why they confidently recommend our nanny payroll services to their clients. We're the right choice for household employers who simply have better things to do with their time. We are committed to providing innovative services for the busy household employer; we offer a solution for everyone.


Peace of mind, No complicated forms, No Stress, No Hassles

If saving time and money are important to you, you'll have peace of mind knowing a payroll expert is working for you.

If you employ a nanny you are required by law to:

Deduct the correct amount of PAYE tax from your employee's pay

Work out how much National Insurance Contributions (NICs) you as an employer and your employee have to pay

Keep a record of your employee's pay, tax and NIC

Pay (monthly or quarterly) the total tax and NICs to the Inland Revenue Accounts Office.

It's ideal for the family with no time or desire to hassle with household employment taxes. We handle absolutely everything and give you complete peace of mind because everything is handled professionally. We offer the most comprehensive payroll service available, because we provide much more than payroll calculations: Our level of expertise coupled with our client commitment provides you with guidance and assistance with the many areas that are related to your household employment payroll and taxes.

This makes us simple and an incredible value! We provide a complete computerised payroll service using the latest computer software, developing the experience needed to operate such a comprehensive and timely service. Our staffs are always available for clients and we have found that once client's experience the benefits available continue to use our service. The service we provide is totally confidential.


If saving time and money are important to you, you'll have peace of mind knowing we are working for you.

We make it Simple

For an annual subscription fee of only £180.00 we will:

Set you up as an employer with the HMRC

Calculate weekly/monthly payroll

Keep pay and deduction records on your behalf

Provide you with payslips for your nanny

Notification of the amounts that need to be paid to HMRC for Tax and National Insurance

Issue and process P45s

Every week/month send you a summary of tax and national insurance payments due to HMRC for monthly or quarterly payment

We will file annual PAYE end of year forms P35 and P14's for submission to the HMRC online. This includes the preparation of form P60 for your nanny.

Constant liaison with HMRC on your behalf.

Full compliance with HMRC regulations.

Tax and NIC Responsibilities in the UK

The Inland Revenue does not permit a permanent employee working in the home of an employer to be self-employed as Nannies do not meet the Inland Revenue criteria for self-employment.

So it is you as the employer who is responsible for making payments to the Inland for the income tax and National Insurance deducted from the employees gross wage.

Peace of mind for only £15 a month

Our fees are payable annually in advance. Unused portions are transferable nut not refundable. There is no additional charge for closing down schemes.

Thousands have concluded that hiring professional help beats spending hours trying to master the tax rules. Now there is a solution which is inexpensive and highly convenient.

We help you eliminate penalties and unnecessary accounting fees


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