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HR plus Combines HR and Health & Safety

With around 170,000 legal claims made against employers every year, protecting your business and your employees couldn't be more crucial. However, keeping on top of legislation and employee issues can be both time consuming and expensive.

With this in mind, HR Plus has come up with a package specifically designed to do the job for you.

HR plus acts as a trusted HR resource, offering expert advice and practical help with legal matters that may affect your business, from health and safety to employment legislation, and much, much more.

Providing instant access to a team of lawyers, HR Professionals, Health and Safety Consultants and Occupational Health Experts, each of whom are experts in their field, HR plus offers complete peace of mind on the issues affecting your business.

HR plus will give you the tools to stay in touch with ever increasing legislation, such as:

Telephone advice line - 24 hour, 365 days a year

Online access to employment, health and safety advice and employee wellbeing matters including online document creation.

Legal expenses insurance to cover costs for Employee Tribunal hearings and Health & Safety prosecution (Terms and conditions available)

Newsletter - regular news bulletins to keep you up-to-date with changes in legislation

Why HR plus

We recognise the need for a competitively priced service for all businesses concerned by the growing threat of increasing costs in keeping up to date with compliance matters, employment and Health & Safety.

HR plus will save you time and money.

Specialises in protecting against business problems.

A long track record of delivering successful solutions.

In depth experience of HR and Health & Safety issues.

Extensive professional and business customer base.

Utilising leading outbound and call centre services.

HR & Employment

In an increasingly litigious society it is important that businesses are not only fully up to speed with the latest legislation, but that they also have access to information on the full range of employment laws. HR plus provides up to date information with supporting checklists and guidance from subjects such as recruiting through to dismissal. For example...

Recruitment and selection


Working time

Disciplinary procedures

Parental leave

Minimum wage

Grievance procedures


Human rights

Absence & sickness policies

Equal opportunities

Stakeholder pensions

This information package, plus the 24 hour helpline, gives you all you need to manage and comply with the latest legislation.

Legal expenses insurance is also available as a last resort if you find your business faced with an Employee Tribunal.

Health & Safety

HR plus provides vital information on a wide range of health and safety issues, essential to the smooth running of any business. In order to help you to ensure that all of the relevant health and safety regulations are in place, and minimize the risk of being sued for an incident at work, HR plus offers vital information and support on the following...

Legislative requirements

Employers responsibilities

Workbook-Manual handling

Food Safety

Training pack DSE

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Employee's responsibilities

Risk Assessments


Work-related stress

HR plus helps you to evaluate the health and safety issues in your business by assisting in identifying hazardous operations, equipment , substances and infection risk. It will also provide you with all the tools you need to carry out a risk assessment, and then provide the information you need to reduce any areas of risk.

HR plus will also help you to record your activities in writing, for the purposes of Manual Handling, DSE, Young Persons, Pregnant Employees, Fire risk assessments and COSHH risk assessments, dealing with contractors, self employed, and building sharers to coordinate your response to health and safety issues.

Taking advantage of this package and our 24 hour helpline will ensure that you are equipped to manage health and safety issues quickly and effectively, improving business efficiency and employee productivity.

Employee Issues

HR plus provide an advice service that will assist you putting together policy documents and procedural manuals for employees, as well as legally required risk-assessments. Information and advice on the following is available...

Health Screening

Work-related Health Problems - DSE, Upper-Limb Disorders, Stress

Short-Term Absence Problems

Long-term Absence Problems

Return to Work Programmes

Health Promotion


Infectious diseases

Company policy

Pregnancy and maternity

This service not only addresses new legal obligations that require SMEs to take greater responsibility for their employees' health and wellbeing, but also provides SMEs with access to occupational health advice and pre-employment screening.

Consultancy Services

In addition to the normal packages, HR plus also provides bespoke support services at preferential rates ranging from...

Employment tribunal representation where insurance cover has not been taken out

Drafting of Employment Documentation, contracts etc to meet specific requirements

Health & Safety Services. Conducting reviews at your premises and making recommendations

Investigation Services. Monitoring situations where claims are suspect

Human Resources Services. Recruiting and interviewing to achieve your specific objectives

Training. Assessing training needs and making specific recommendations and providing on site training as required

Retainer packages. Regular visits to provide in-house HR department functions, allowing you to get on and run your business.


HR plus includes specialist insurance legal expenses and other costs. This insurance pays the costs involved in dealing with legal proceedings, such as the cost of legal representation, any costs associated with the claim and any awards made to a successful claimant.

The insurance also provides the use of our employment consultants in any claim before an Employment Tribunal is mandatory, and in the event of a claim the insured will be provided with details of one of our panel solicitors/employment consultants who will act as the insureds appointed representative.

Insurance includes...

The costs of representation

Any costs the insured has to pay relating to a claim - other sides cost, expert witnesses etc

Specified awards made to a successful claimant against the insured - Basic and Compensatory, Reinstatement/Re-engagement, Awards of Pay over written reasons for dismissal and Awards of Damages

Any One Claim Limit of Indemnity of £50k

Witness Attendance & Jury Service Allowance up £150 per day per person subject to a maximum of £10k

Aggregate All Claims in a Year Limit of Indemnity of £500k

Use of our employment consultants in any claim before an Employment Tribunal is mandatory

In the event of a claim the insured will be provided with details of one of the HR plus panel solicitors/employment consultants who will act as the insured's appointed.

All claims are handled by HR plus.


Terms & Conditions: Please read this policy to ensure it meets with your requirements.

Your Policy Summary: This is a summary of the policy cover for the HR plus commercial legal expenses insurance.

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